Fundamentals of Trading

Trading is exchanging one thing for another, like trading a commodity for a material object.

Trading is very different from investing, as it focuses on short term financial movements.

Before getting involved, you have to put a plan for your financial goals. You have to learn about the risks you are able to withstand, define your short-term needs, and learn how trading can add value to your investment portfolio.

Main points:

  1. A trading strategy must take risk and short-term financial goals into account.
  2.  Futures, CFDs, and other financial derivatives must be part of your portfolio.
  3. Fundamental and technical analyses can help you create trading opportunities using good studies, trend analysis, and finding out upward or downward trend.

Fundamentals of Trading:

Buying or selling financial instruments during trading hours. It happens in all stock markets, but it is more common in Forex markets. Leverage and other strategies are used to benefit from market movements related to stocks and currency. The Forex market trades $6 trillion daily.

Day traders mainly focus on economy news like inflation and interest rates which greatly affect market movements.

Day traders use several ways to benefit from market movements, including:


A strategy dealers use to make a small profit quickly; on the course of only one day.

Scalpers use support and purchase levels and integrate them with economy news.

Trading Properties:

Enough Market Experience:

Around 70% of traders lose money because they have not spent enough time to understand the market by studying graphs and technical analysis; both excellent tools available to traders.

To become successful, traders must learn before entering the market. Such studies can cost you a lot of time, but through our website and experienced analysts, you can build a successful portfolio and make profit.

Adequate Capital:

New traders usually use their entire capital trading, but that is a mistake.

Many traders treat Forex like a hobby, but it is a difficult market and it requires traders to think carefully about their annual and monthly plan.

You can use the free services on our website and social media accounts to benefit from your account from the beginning.

Trading Strategy:

Risk management is one of the best strategies and the most favorable.


If you deposit $100,000 in Al Rajhi Bank, how much would you gain after a year?

Naturally, you may say 20 or 30%, but the truth is you will only be rewarded 5% interest.

$100,000 * 5%= $5,000

But if you use the same amount in a portfolio with us and benefit from our analysts, dividing your monthly profit by 2% your overall gains would be much better.

You get the idea now, right?


Any profitable strategy even at 10% monthly interest will lead to inevitable loss.

“Success is not easy, but it is impossible without a disciplined plan”.

Trading Program:

Using Accuindex’s MetaTrader 5 software you can identify a number of features that will help you start trading.

You can use our trading software to read graphs, technical analysis and templates.

You can also learn economy news as they come out, which will help your trading activities.

Trading needs time, strategy, and learning. If you decide to take it up, Accuindex offers you several helpful solutions on the company’s social media accounts.

Principle rules of trading:


Certain news about the economy may fear traders and push them to sit on the sidelines to avoid large losses, but it can cause them to miss out on gains too.

Steer away from greed:

It’s not easy, and it depends on every trader’s instinct, but they have to put a solid financial plan to benefit from the market.

Setting basic trading rules:

It is important to set a maximum limit for your daily wins and losses to be able to build a stable portfolio.


It is important for traders to stay updated, and educate themselves about the field.

Every trader must evaluate themself periodically, and review their wins and loses every month.

You can start a demo account to learn trading step by step on our website We will be there for you every step of the way.

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