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There is no doubt that the markets that move on the beat of the dollar are tired of those moves that are always supported, whether by interest hikes or increasing the yield on bonds, and even through legislation passed by Congress that frees the hand of the economic policy maker to take what is necessary to control inflation, something completely new to the market But it is an admission in the end that inflation called for a legislative move to try to curb it, which casts a lot of doubt on the Fed’s ability to deal with the matter.

Without a barrel of oil below sixty dollars, it will be difficult to control inflation, and without calm conditions in Europe and China, it will be difficult to talk about avoiding recession.

While winter is overlooking from afar on the European continent, which suffered a hot summer that burned green and dry and dried rivers to become unsuitable for river navigation, which adds more problems to supply chains, concerns about Russian gas always appear before the onset of winter to start talking about austerity in the use of energy and research About coal, diesel and all alternative resources to cover the needs of the old continent.

Apart from the awaited distant events, there seem to be opportunities for trading today, and while our analyzes and scenarios that we set for gold, silver and cryptocurrencies have been successful during the last period, the trading opportunities today seem easy to speculate and anticipate with some careful consideration, whether in the trading charts or in the geopolitical environment.

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