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What is the recession and what is its impact on the most important investment sectors?

In the beginning, we have to understand the recession and its impact in a simple way on societies, because from here, according to the laws of the economy, the effects begin to reach the price of the gold index, bonds and the dollar, where you have to know that everything starts from the state of society (unemployment, employment, happiness, inflation) to reach Impact on all investment levels (indices, commodities, currencies)

Recession is a significant decline in economic activity (at least 3%) in the country. Recession can be evident by following up on economic changes, which are measured by indicators, the most important of which is the GDP indicator.

The impact of that decline is manifested on the life of the individual by a decrease in his interest in investment and it affects the major service and commercial companies by decreasing their sales movement, and from it a weakness in the movement of money, which leads if the central bank responsible for the country is unable to balance what may happen to a recession in which the rate of economic contraction rises to 40% as happened in the Great Depression, and what we mean by deflation is that the individual tends to maintain his savings without investment or work, but for the emergency situation, and add to it that unemployment will rise to the tendency of companies to abandon their employees to see a decline in stocks and a rise in gold and fluctuation on a scale Narrow and transverse in pointers.

Examples of top market makers?
The expected recession and the food crisis explicitly remind me of the best hedging in this crisis, which is Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT). Analysts here confirmed that the crisis is inevitably coming, and here we note that Gates predicted the epidemic several years before its occurrence and invested before the pandemic in many medical companies.

The relationship of recession to the most important investment levels, and how can you survive?
So that you can survive this disaster, dear reader, I regret to tell you that trading is not the best option but the worst, and to make the picture clearer, we will briefly classify the investment levels and on the basis of it we will give you the best solutions.

long term investment
If you are an investor, these years are the years of discounting for you, and they will not be repeated, I think, until 7 years after, so the best hedge is to buy in a recession and wait for the storm to pass.

Trading in the foreign exchange market
Speculating or buying in the foreign exchange market at a long-term level would be the worst option if not disastrous as we will see extreme volatility in the markets, and this is what we see in gold as no one knows why it behaves in this way at the present time.

Creating work systems
As a result of low prices and high unemployment, it may be a suitable opportunity to establish a company that will operate after the end of the recession

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